Thursday, June 7, 2012

Max the Golden Retriever

30th May 2012 marked the arrival of Max to his new home. I am now the proud father to the latest addition to the family (I am not the person pictured on the right with him by the way, that is Yang). Fostered all the way from my cousin sister’s house in Bukit Mertajam, it was an extra long ride to his new home (I took a wrong turn and had to go an additional 12km before being able to u-turn back to Penang). It was a difficult journey for him as he was not used to travelling in wheels.

Having gotten used to riding at the back of my car within a week’s time, Max has been visiting dog friendly places – Coffee Bean at Gurney Hotel, China House, outside Botanical Garden, Burger King, Harvest Inn and Yang’s condominium as well as its pool side to name a few. He loves to eat, but doesn’t seem to favor gnawing on hide chewies. He adores bread, and that’s how I got him to take his pills and vitamins.

Although huge in size, his friendly character made him a hit everywhere he went. Keep smiling and we shall keep walking, with me at your side…

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